New Old Photos : 8. Oldtimertreffen in Gmund am Tegernsee - August 2008

Another set of old photos, this time from 2008 when I was lucky enough to find myself at a German Youngtimer / Oldtimer classic car event in Bavaria.

I remember this day well. It was scorching hot, blistering. I spent more time drinking from bottles of water than I did holding my camera. Wandering around taking in all the unusual motorbikes and cars and soaking up the atmosphere was pretty much my idea of heaven.

Among the highlights were a BMW 502 V8 "Baroque Angel", a stunning Borgward Isabella Coupe and an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale - such amazing curves!

Ferrari 365GT
DKW Auto Union 1000 Coupe
Rolls Royce Corniche III

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VW Beetle DAY512K - A past owner gets in touch

Marisa e-mailed me about a VW Bug she used to own:

Hi there

DAY512K was my first car! He looks a bit different now though- only the rear grid remains to distinguish him. He was a lovely metallic green. I had a new engine fitted and a complete respray.

I had him from 17 until I was 21, then my sister drove him. We finally agreed to sell him and there were tears as he drove away. Do you own him now? Would love to know where he has been since.


It's not mine but hopefully the owner will find this post and get in touch!

VW Beetle VVW759L - Family Memories

I heard from Robin a little while back, he contacted me about a photo I took at Big Bang in 2003 of this "Back To 89" style retro VW Beetle.

My Dad was the first owner back in 1972. Subsequently car was handed down to each of three sons. Many happy memories including being able to get seven in for day trips. My brother and I could both sit in the storage bin behind the back seats.

We sold it on in 1987. Would love to know if it is still on the road.

Well that photo was taken a fair few years ago now but hopefully it's still around... If the owner is out there then please get in touch!

Van Diemen RF86 - "Chissy's Car"

David Billington got in touch to tell me about his Van Diemen RF86 that I took a photograph of at Oulton Park in 2013.

I love the picture and am very happy to say that I am the very proud (if not the fastest) owner and driver of the black Van Diemen RF86 shown in your fantastic picture.

I have owned the car for a little over four years and at the grand old age of 52 I finally achieved my boy hood ambition of owning and driving a proper racing car.

Although the car has changed colour on a number of occasions (it was blue and white when I bought it) it is well known in the Oulton Park paddock as "Chissy's car" This is because it won the North West Formula Ford 1600 championship a few years ago in the very capable hands of Chris Chisnall. If that wasn't enough pressure the car is run for me by David Bailey who is also a past NWFF1600 Champion! No pressure on me then!

Although I didn't race last season I am hoping to be back out this season and hope to move the black number 32 towards the front of the field.

Thanks David!